Vertical Gardens

The call for greener cities has grown in recent years. There are many possible solutions, but the space for implementation is limited. It is therefore not surprising that more and more often you come across lushly greened house walls - which can be used to green any city to save space. While ivy and other climbing plants have always adorned older residential objects, nowadays a mix of different plants on house facades of all ages catches the eye. These vertical or urban gardens are just capturing our cities.
In your own garden it is usually very unpopular and difficult to remove. However, moss also has many positive aspects precisely because of this persistence.

Our first blogger event

Last month we invited our favourite interior bloggers to visit us in Höhenkirchen (near munich).

DIY – moss wreath with corsage

No matter if you are looking for a last-minute gift idea or an exceptional self-made gift, with this DIY you can certainly inspire the recipient.
We asked interior blogger Lisa (@lisomat) for an interview and pried her interior design secrets.
The new edition of the Adnet mirror from the 50s is in vogue again. Many brands love the round mirror wrapped in leather straps and have therefore created their very own version. With our DIY we do without the mirror completely, but certainly not without the design factor.
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