Moss pictures

Pole moss meets forest moss

Framed like artistic paintings, our styleGREEN moss pictures with a variety of intense shades of green, will add a new touch to your walls. Be it thanks to the fresh, spheric, cushion formed mosses, which grow through the dark forest moss background or be it thanks to the bright green, densly arranged pole mosses, growing out of the frame. The fascinating interplay between forms and colours, the unique feel and the exciting 3D effect of the pieces, turn out to be a feast for the eye in every room. Not only do the green pieces of art offer an attractive view, but at the same time they also have a calming, relaxing effect. The natural appearance of the mosses reminds of a densly grown forest soil and brings the charm of an enchanted forest into your home. What a blessing for the eye and the soul!

Pure nature

Our moss pictures don´t just appear genuine - they are genuine. Our products include only genuine pole and forest moss, which go through a special natural preservation process, including the use of glycerin and food colour. Thanks to this technique our products preserve their natural feel and look and do not require light or water. Thus you will be able to enjoy your designer piece for a very long time.

Individual single pieces

Whether at home in your bedroom, living room or dining room, or in your office or conference room - with the styleGREEN products you will always add a special touch to any place. Simply choose amongst a variety of sizes, shapes and frame styles, the format, which fits best on your wall - be it round or angular, square or longish, large or small, with wood fibre frames or aluminium frames. Each product you will choose, will be uniquely produced in on of our two small manufactures in the EU.