DIY - stylish moss circle with leather strap suspension à la Adnet mirror

The new edition of the Adnet mirror created in the 50s is now state-of-the-art again. The brand GUBI for example offers a faithful recreation in its range. But other brands also love the round mirror wrapped in leather straps and therefore worked on their own version.

Big shortcoming - such a designer piece is not exactly a bargain. So why not get creative yourself. We show you a super simple DIY solution. We completely do without the mirror, because the third mirror in the room may seem a little self-indulgent, our circular moss picture, on the other hand, certainly becomes an eye-catcher.

All you need for a picture with 54 cm diameter:

  • 2 men's leather belts: Choose your favourite colour. We have chosen a cognac tone that harmonizes particularly good with the green of the moss. Ideally you use two identical belts - in our case we had two sorted out belts, which is why they differ slightly.
  • One of our moss circles: We think that our forest and pole moss circles in the sizes 54 cm and 80 cm as well as our pole moss ellipsoids are particularly suitable. In this case we chose a forest and pole moss circle with a diameter of 54 cm.
  • Mounting for the wall: A simple nail or screw is sufficient in general. It is important to pay attention to a certain length so that the leather strap has enough contact surface. Furniture knobs also look particularly beautiful as suspensions
  • Hot glue gun: If you want to be on the safe side, you can glue the belt to the frame of the picture with the hot glue gun. With us, it also held perfectly without glue.


That has to be done: 

  1. Close both belts together at the ends to form a large circle.
  2. Place the loop around the frame of the picture.
  3. Lift the loop carefully and move the belt so that the buckles are positioned at the same height on each side. The belt must fit closely to the bottom of the picture. If desired, additionally fix the belt with adhesive.
  4. Fasten the suspension in the desired place.
  5. Hang the picture on the upper part of the belt circle.

We wish you lots of fun with the DIY.

You need one of our pictures first? Here you can find our selection of circles and ellipsoids.


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