10 questions to Lisomat - find out her interior secrets

We asked interior blogger Lisa (@lisomat) for an interview and pried her interior design secrets. 

What do you think are the top furnishing trends for 2018?

I think the trends such as marble, concrete, velvet and wood will continue in 2018. These materials and optics can be found again and again for furniture as well as for decoration, textiles and accessories and can also be combined and integrated into the existing furnishings.

What are your interior must-haves for every home?

Beautiful lighting! No matter if it´s by statement pieces or an indirect lighting. This simply makes a big difference and can totally change and influence the effect of every room. And in my opinion, a few plants also belong in every home. These two things always fit - regardless of the size and style of the room, apartment or house. Lighting and plants are timeless and relatively independent of current trends and therefore are for me absolutely interior must-haves in every home.

What furnishing tips can you give our readers?

I need something new for my eyes every now and then, but I have neither the time nor the budget to constantly redesign everything. I have therefore made sure that the colours and shapes of the basic furnishings are simple and well combinable and then I like to play with the little things. Coloured decorations or textiles such as cushions, blankets and carpets make it possible to create a new look in no time at all without major investments or a huge amount of work.

How would you describe your furnishing style?

I like it clean and without much frills or bright colors, but still try to install one or the other eye-catcher as a highlight and design everything as homely and individual as possible. The Scandinavian, unagitated style with lots of white and at the same time natural and warm elements like wood fits my style quite well.

What do you like most about your home?

The open living area and the large windows. This makes everything look airy and light, although we don't have huge rooms. I also love our garden and the terrace, which adjoin the living area and expand it in summer.

What´s on your interior-wish-list?

Right now, I'm actually happy as I wish. As I said, I need a change more often, so it is not impossible that I will have something on my wish list again in a few weeks. For example, I keep thinking about painting our bedroom wall in a matt black and you can never get enough of smaller decorative things (this is probably one of those things with women - like bags and shoes). And when I dream a bit, I see an Eames Lounge Chair from Vitra standing in our house at some point. Currently, however, I would neither have the suitable place for it, nor the necessary money.

"Green stuff" only belongs in the garden or also in the house?

Definitely both. I am looking forward to planning and planting the garden now in spring and summer, because I find the view into the green super beautiful and relaxing and we spend a lot of time outside when the weather is good. But it's the same in the house. Plants make everything immediately warmer and more comfortable and especially in the cold and grey season you can get a little freshness and a good mood in the house.

What about your green thumb?

To be honest, I don't own it - I even kill cacti. The plants are taken care of by my friend, who is fortunately more skilful.

styleGREEN suits your furnishing style because...?

The styleGREEN products are super modern, simple and yet an absolute eye-catcher. Just as I like it. And in addition to their extraordinary appearance, they are also really practical. Except that I dust the frames off from time to time, they don't need any care and they still look good - so that's definitely something for people like me who don't have a green thumb.

If you could choose a styleGREEN product, what would it be and why?

My absolute dream would be a complete styleGREEN plant wall. This is something totally unexpected in a house and therefore simply fascinates me. But I'd probably pick another moss pictogram. There's something suitable for every place and I think it's really cool as decoration. It's not just me: our visitors are always enthusiastic about our toilet pictograms and the plant pictures and everyone has to touch them. Generally, the choice is difficult with so many great products of course.

Dear Lisa, thank you for giving us and our readers an insight into your interior design world.

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