DIY – moss wreath with corsage

No matter if you are looking for a last-minute gift idea or an exceptional self-made gift, with this DIY you can certainly inspire the recipient.

Especially for Mother's Day, the annual flowers may be a bit trite after all. So why not replace the usual bouquet with this handmade moss circle with corsage. The best - our DIY looks high quality, but costs almost nothing.

This is what you need:         

  • 1 old coat hanger made out of metal wire: If there is no old coat hanger, you can also use a thick wire from the construction market. All you have to do is make sure that the wire has the right thickness so that it can still be formed and at the same time provides stability.
  • Green winding wire: Available in every nursery or flower shop next door.
  • 1 test tube: available cheaply on the Internet. Otherwise, a small vase can also be used here.
  • Moss: We used our preserved moss so that our circle shines forever in the most beautiful green. The DIY also works with moss from the garden or forest. Please note that you should let the moss dry for 1-2 days, then it is easier to process.


That has to be done:

  1. Form a circle from the hanger or wire. Of course, other forms can also be realized. For example, a heart for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. There are no limits to your creativity.
  2. Wrap moss around the selected shape. We proceeded step by step and used about 10-15 individual pieces of moss. The moss can be easily attached to the circle with the winding wire. You can decide how tightly you want to wrap the moss to the wreath.
  3. Some unsightly spots can be repaired afterwards with moss residues and glue (ideally with a hot glue gun).
  4. In order to get the circle even more special, we attached a test tube with a ribbon to the moss circle. The opening of the glass should point upwards so that the flower can be supplied with water. 
  5. Put the flower into the test tube and you're done with your homemade gift.


We wish you lots of fun whilst rebuilding. Another DIY idea can be found here. You're not the biggest crafts fan? Here you will find our selection of lovingly designed products to enjoy forever. 

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