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Step 1: Choose your desired greenery type(s)

Select your desired greenery type(s) out of five options. Whether you are a fan of native woodlands or wild jungles - we are certain that you will find the perfect piece of nature for your rooms.

Forest and pole moss

618,80€ / qm (brutto)

Forest and pole moss - Pole mosses in a brighter green act as three-dimensional highlights on a dark green forest moss ground.

>> Examples

Pole moss

946,05€ / qm (brutto)

Pole moss - The spherical and closely lined up pole mosses create a unique 3D-effect.

>> Examples

Reindeer moss

654,50€ / qm (brutto)

Reindeer moss - Does not only look good but is alsosound and humidity absorbing and contributes to a positive indoor climate.

>> Examples


1.005,55€ / qm (brutto)

Jungle - A ground of forest moss forms the basis of the jungle wall, which is then densely planted with typical jungle plants.

>> Examples

Plant island

708,05€ / qm (brutto)

Plant island - Pole moss and plant islands create optical highlights on a forest moss ground.

>> Examples

Step 2: Which edge trims are you interested in?

We are also offering five different edge trim options. Whether without any edge trim, with a green edge or with an aluminium profile - you decide what suits your project best. Our green walls are usually manufactured on 12 mm thick MDF.

If the option "No edges" is selected, the MDF panels are visible at the edges. This is why this option is mostly suitable for recessed areas. For large areas the frame is not pre-assembled and needs to be mounted directly on the wall.

No edges

0€ / lfm (brutto)

No edges - Especially suitable for incorporation into objects, suspended ceilings or furniture.

Green edge

35,70€ / lfm (brutto)

Green edge - Hides seams and provides a natural look.

Aluminium white

59,50€ / lfm (brutto)

Aluminium white – White anodised aluminium profile with a total height of 40 mm.

Aluminium black

59,50€ / lfm (brutto)

Aluminium black - The black aluminium profile is anodised and has a total height of 40 mm.

Aluminium silver

59,50€ / lfm (brutto)

Aluminium silver - The silver aluminium profile is anodised and has a total height of 40 mm.

Step 3: Which dimensions should your green wall have?

Please let us know the dimensionsyour green wall is supposed to have so that we can make you a tailor-made offer. You can either specify a rectangular format or a special format in the text field. For areas smaller than one square metre, the minimum price of one square metre will be applied.

Areas larger than 77 cm x 117 cm will be formed out of separate modules, each having the same size. The modules are manufactured in such a way that you do not see the edge transitions. Please note that the dimensions include the edgets and that therefore final dimensions may vary a few mm.

Step 4: Here you have the chance to optionally upload files

Do you want to integrate a logo into your green wall or do you have any other comments about your project? Please let us know in the commentfield and upload any relevant files. Get inspirations for your logo integration here

  • File formats: JPG, PNG or GIF
  • File size: max. 10MB per file
  • File number: max. 5 files
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Step 5: Do you want to assemble your green wall yourself or do you need an installer?

You will get your green wall in ready-to-install modules that you can assemble by yourself with some tools and our installation video. Of course, one of our professional installers can also take care of the installation for you for a surcharge.

Smaller green walls can also be equipped with wedge bars for assembly on the back. If you would like to have wedge bars please let us know in the comment field.

"I would like to assemble the green wall myself"

"Please include the installation in the quote"

Assembly steps:
  • Measure wall and mark desired position
  • Drill holes in the inner sides of the aluminium frames
  • Connect aluminium frames and place them on the wall
  • Drill dowel holes and assemble frames on the wall
  • Start with element 1 according to installation plan
  • Drill holes into the wall underneath the marking sticks
  • Repeat the same for all other elements
  • Utilise lamellos as connectors between elements
  • Mend moss at the edges
  • Do potential repairs with spare moss

Step 6: Get your noncommital quote

You are almost finished! Last, we need your contact details. Following, our project planner Kathrin Theil (B.A. Interior Architecture) will get in touch with you and send you an obligation-free quote for your individual green wall.

If you wish an on-site contact person please find out about the cities, one of our partners can serve you in.

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