flexGREEN edge greening forest moss small

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Mounting adhesive

Fix All High Tack mounting adhesive

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Ideal zur Montage der flexGREEN Islandmoos-Matten und Kork-Hexagone.
  • sG-Ac-fG-Wm-kl
  • <p> </p><p><span>·</span><span><span>&nbsp; </span>flexible and&nbsp;</span><b><span>uncomplicated installation</span></b><span></span></p> <p><span>·</span><span><span>&nbsp; </span></span><b><span>flexible delivery</span></b><span>&nbsp;without long waiting times</span></p> <p><span>·</span><span><span>&nbsp; </span></span><b><span>easy cutting</span></b><span>&nbsp;with scissors</span></p> <p><span>·</span><span><span>&nbsp; </span></span><b><span>100% nature</span></b><span>: our flexGREEN edge greening consists of 100% natural, high-quality and preserved forest moss</span></p> <p><span>·</span><span><span>&nbsp; </span></span><b><span>0% maintenance</span></b><span>: neither maintenance nor lighting necessary</span></p> <p><span>·</span><span><span>&nbsp; </span></span><b><span>Scope of delivery</span></b><span>: 200g forest moss for edge greening, sufficient for approx. 5</span><span>m circumferential</span></p> <p></p>

·  flexible and uncomplicated installation

·  flexible delivery without long waiting times

·  easy cutting with scissors

·  100% nature: our flexGREEN edge greening consists of 100% natural, high-quality and preserved forest moss

·  0% maintenance: neither maintenance nor lighting necessary

·  Scope of delivery: 200g forest moss for edge greening, sufficient for approx. 5m circumferential

Further product information

Further product information "flexGREEN edge greening forest moss small"




Our new series flexGREEN is the professional solution for everyone who needs a fast and individual solution. With our flexGREEN set for edge greening you can cover the visible edges of the cork mats and create an even more beautiful highlight in the room! 




The forest moss used is 100% genuine and natural. For this reason it is exclusively intended for indoor use. As it is a natural product, the same colour can have different shades. The moss is attached to the cork mats with natural rubber glue.




Every styleGREEN product is lovingly handmade and packaged in one of our two factories in Munich and Porto.


Technical details

  • Weight: approx. 0,2kg
  • Sufficient for approx. 5m of surrounding edge greening 
  • Type of vegetation: 100% natural forest moss 
  • Suspension: The flexGREEN edge greening is fixed with hot glue

The plants and mosses used are 100% natural and are permanently preserved in a special process. They now need neither light nor water. Nevertheless, the plants look lively green and feel smooth and fresh.




  • Please avoid permanent, intensive sun or light exposure (e.g. halogen spotlights at close range).
  • Please avoid extreme humidity (>70%) and very dry air. Never hang the products near fireplaces, heaters or other sources of heat.
  • Even if the plants look absolutely natural: please do not water or spray!
  • ATTENTION: The moss can give off its colour on contact. Use gloves for assembly or wash your hands immediately afterwards to avoid soiling other objects.


If the instructions are not followed, the products may lose colour prematurely.



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